Dutch Pauper League – 1° leg – 2024 @ Pondok, Amsterdam

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Event Details

The Dutch Pauper League is hosting the 1° leg of the 2024 series!

Don’t miss the chance to have fun with our community, win tournament prizes and collect points for the final knockout tournament.

The final champion gets flight tickets to Milan and a bye for the Paupergeddon – Winter Edition (March 2025)!

Which player will represent the Netherlands in the largest Pauper tournament in the world?

The Dutch Pauper League (DPL) is officially part of the international movement of Pauper leagues, coordinated by Lega Pauper Italia.

Learn more about the Dutch Pauper League, our philosophy, the tournaments structure and the yearly standings on our website.

Feel free to also join our WhatsApp group to receive updates on upcoming Pauper events in Amsterdam.

REGISTRATIONWe have a partnership with Command Tower to manage the tournament. Players can preregister to the event here. We strongly encourage you to do it to save time before starting the leg. Players that won’t preregister will have to do it manually on the location before the tournament starts.

LOCATION: PondokAmsterdam (Google Maps directions).

FORMAT: Pauper (we’ll be happy to lend you decks/cards, if you need).

RULES ENFORCEMENT LEVEL: Regular (we are committed to guarantee the presence of a judge in the room).

SETUP: 5 Swiss rounds (assuming less than 33 players), of 50 minutes each.

TIME: Doors open at 10.00. Registrations close at 10.25. The tournament starts at 10.30 sharp. Doors close at 17.00.

FEE: 10  (includes location cost). We accept Tikkie, PayPal and cash.

DECKLIST: Players are required to upload their decklists on Moxfield. They can submit their decklists on the Command Tower event page (preferred) or send them via email to decklist@dutchpauperleague.nl.

FOOD: We have a partnership with Taste Before You Waste. Their amazing foundation will offer a donation-based catering for all players from 11.30. The DPL embraces their mission to reduce food waste, while having fun and enjoying delicious food. We invite players to donate a fair amount of money for their lunch.

DRINKS: Can be purchased in the location. Pondok offers their guests a basic selection of beers, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

…and last but not least…

PRIZES: We strive to be as transparent as possible with you when money is involved:

– a fixed amount (30 ) will be put aside by the DPL for the final knockout prizes (e.g. flight tickets to Milan) and the other fixed yearly costs (e.g. LPI affiliation and website);

– a fixed quote (2,5 € per player) will be paid for the location;

– the remaining money will be used for the top 3 budget, with a distribution of 50% for #1, 30% for #2 and 20% for #3.

For example:

– with a 16-player tournament, the budget is 90 € and the prizes are: 45 € for #1, 27 € for #2, 18 € for #3;

– with a 26-player tournament, the budget is 165 € and the prizes are: 82,5 € for #1, 49,5 € for #2, 33 € for #3;

– with a 32-player tournament, the budget is 210 € and the prizes are: 105 € for #1, 63 € for #2, 42 € for #3.

If a player prefers a tangible and unique trophy to celebrate the event, altered cards are available for redeem!

Any player winning at least 50  is eligible to spend that money to buy altered cards from our local artist for a discounted prize.

A playset of altered cards can be redeemed for 50 €. The player can choose among any existing playset in the artist’s binder or commission 4 new cards of choice.

Please, spread the word! We also rely on you to make this event a success!

A recent playset of our artist


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