Bazaar of Boxes – Series 3

sat30apr11:00Bazaar of Boxes – Series 3Bazaar of Boxes - Series 3FormatLegacyRules Enforcement LevelCompetitive Event Organized ByBazaar of BoxesCafé Theseus, Tilburg, Bredaseweg 167, 5038 ND Tilburg

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Dear fellow Legacy players,

Saturday the 30th of April will be the date for the long-awaited 3rd edition of the BoB Series! As of this edition, we’ve upped the player count to 47 participants total, upped the prize support and as with the previous editions, we’re once again sponsored by Goat Enterprise. Rudy and his stand will be present the 30th as well – in the mean time you can visit Rudy’s website to get your potential orders arranged in advance:

The ticket sale is now live, as of this very moment, so secure a spot ASAP if you feel like slinging some Legacy cardboard around once again! You can buy your tickets and find all the info for the event via this link:

If you need any additional assistance with the event or would like to reach out to us, you can do so by contacting us on either of these socials:

We hope to see you guys ’n girls again on the 30th of April – and for the folks that won’t be able to attend; we’ll be live streaming the entire event on our Twitch channel as well:

May your Hidetsugu’s consume, your Darcy’s be delirious and your Kappa Cannoneer’s kappa!

Bazaar of Boxes

Michel, Marvin, Teus & Ruben


Bazaar of Boxes

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