(DOQ) Amsterdam Pauper Series DOS Qualifier @ 2K

sat21mar11:00sat18:00(DOQ) Amsterdam Pauper Series DOS Qualifier @ 2KQualify for a DOS of choice + Grind Season 4 2019 points!FormatPauperRules Enforcement LevelCompetitive Event Organized ByAmsterdam Magic Series2 Klaveren, Amsterdam, De Clercqstraat 136, 1052 NP AmsterdamSignup endedCancelledFeatured1 Guest is attending

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Amsterdam Pauper Series & DOS Qualifier: Winner gets an invite for a DOS of choice Points for the PauperVitational 2021

Welcome to the first Amsterdam Pauper Series event in Amsterdam for 2020! This year we start with a bang: double qualifier! DOQ PauperVitational qualifier!

Last year was our first year running the series of events, and this year we continue the tradition with more experience and tweaked formula!
Amsterdam Pauper Series is a series of events run through the year, each with its own prizes but also with a yearly standings that qualifies for the prestigious Paupervitational 2021.

At the conclusion of the 2020 regular events, the Top 16 players in the final 2020 Yearly Standings will be awarded invitations to compete in the 2021 Paupervitational. Only the best of the best qualify, and the competition is expected to be fierce!

See the latest Yearly Standings table here

Are you not too familiar with Pauper yet? See here a great intro 


Amsterdam Magic Series is happy to support and to bring Dutch Open Series qualifiers to Amsterdam!

With each Qualifier players will also gather points for the Players Championship at the end of the year. For more information about the DOS structure visit dutchopenseries.nl

The winner of a DOQ will receive an invite to a (constructed) Dutch Open Series event including 1 bye.

There will be prizes for all Top8 players (based on 32 players attending):

1st Place: 30 € MKM Coupons + Playmat + Alter + Invite & Bye
2nd Place: 30 € MKM Coupons + Alter
3rd Place:20 € MKM Coupons + Alter
4th Place: 20 € MKM Coupons + Alter
5th Place: 20 € MKM Coupons
6th Place: 20 € MKM Coupons
7th Place: 20 € MKM Coupons
8th Place: 20 € MKM Coupons

1 Amsterdam Pauper Series Champion Playmat for the winner:

4 Altered Relic of Progenitus, one for each player in Top4:


All of the Amsterdam Magic Series are tournament regulation: competitive and require a deck list.
Based on a Swiss tournament setup including Top 8.

Entry Fee: 15 €
Format: Pauper
REL: Sanctioned & Competitive, a deck list is mandatory. We always appreciate printed decklists: This is great!
Judge:  Jan Jaap Vermeire
Start: March 21, 11:00 | Doors open 10:30
Number of Rounds: depending on participation. Up to 24 players: 5 rounds Top 4. Up to 64 players: 5 rounds and Top 8

PWP Multiplier: 1x

Consumptions: Cafe 2 Klaveren have honest food for a fair price; own consumption is not allowed inside. We are able to use the location for free. To support it, at registration, each player is required to buy 5€ worth of consumption tokens. These can be used to get a 5€ discount on your final drinks bill.

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Everything in this collection can be had for free . My collection and I are based in Bodegraven, Netherlands. Just shoot me an email on hardtrack@hotmail.com with your wishes!

A few rules:

  • Be reasonable! A few dozen cards is fine, anything more and I’m going to ask for some compensation for me to put it all together.
  • Some cards might no longer be free. Some of these cards have been on here for years. I always check their current value before I give them and if they’re worth more than 50-75 cents on magiccardmarket I’ll let you know.
  • How can you ever repay me, you ask? Why, by giving me any old worthless magic cards you have lying about! I’ll put them in this collection, to help out other people.
  • I reserve the right to not give anyone free stuff for whatever reason I bloody well feel like.


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